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How do I find out if, and who I was in my past life?  There are parts of who I am that sometimes feel born in, and I wonder if its just who I am now, or if it was something I picked up before this life?  If that is possible?  I am a skeptic, but open minded at the same time.  I have a love of home life, and extremely strong motherly instinct.  I also love the outdoors, and at certain times when I'm in the woods, I feel as though I (myself, as I see it) am simply observing, and that an innate feeling has taken over and put me truly at home.  I am a natural hunter and archer.  When I hunt, I feel myself, enjoying the feel of nature.  When I see my prey and lift my bow, however, I again feel as though my body is moving by repetitive memory, rather than my control. My bow becomes a part of me, my breathing is incredibly in tune with my motions and thoughts, and only when my arrow has left my bow do I feel as though I'm in control again.  The slow motion stops and I am back to what I've taught myself, rather than being moved by- what? - instinct? I also have a natural ability to identify means of survival, for example, knowing which mushrooms in the woods will cure your hunger, or make you see things not supposed to be seen.  I know naturally how to build fire with no help from modern technology, and can use my surroundings in every way to comfortably survive.  I live a normal life, of sports mom and caring family member.  I have a huge fear of vehicles, being trapped by people, and losing the 65 acres of woods I have always called home.  The colors green, brown, tan, black, and grey are comforting to me.  I'm a huge animal lover, as I feel I understand them.  I love riding horses, especially my mare that I broke myself and ride bareback despite growing up in a family where having a horse was some dream little kids have and grow out of. I also have a natural ability to navigate in the wilderness, even if its somewhere I've never been.  I only spend about 40% of my time outdoors, as I have a home, family, and animal to care for.  I also fear the cold - during winter I hole up, and keep warm the best I can.  If I'm without heat too long I become very anxious and fear runs heavy through me.  Do you feel I lived before this life?  If so, how do I find out who I was?  I have also always had a keep "6th sense".  My daughter calls it mommy power, my significant other calls it unfair haha. Any input is much appreciated!

Hello, Stephanie! Your information above tells me you already know how to begin. Keep a journal of the things that appeal to you, things, places and times that have a strong resonance with you, and things like names that pop into your head for no reason. The name "Christian Bayer" had a very strong pull on me for years, as well as the idea of living as a man in Germany, and interests that settled around the late 18th century, before the time when I felt I had enough to search the Internet, and I FOUND Christian, with a life that matched the details I recalled! It takes patience, and a willingness to let go of ideas you become fond of, if they don't work out, but it is possible.

What makes it most possible is that the longer your keep your past life recall journal, the more your brain realizes you want the memories. That's when a second journal becomes even more important: a dream journal. Get in the habit of keeping a record of all the dreams you can, no matter what they are. This will make your ability to remember dreams stronger. You can also write in the journal what dreams you'd like to have. Gradually you will find yourself having dreams that answer your questions. Don't expect to dream realistic memories: the dream that unlocked a huge portion of my memories was not realistic at all - it just set me in a situation in which people called me, again and again, "The Waterhouse Witch." When I searched the term the next day, I found out about the artist John William Waterhouse, and that he had painted not only magical paintings, but a portrait of his wife Esther - who looked very much like me! That one thing led to more and more verified memories in the chain of my recall.

Please remember that I was extremely lucky: many lives leave no historical records that we can check. Most of my own possible past lives are like that. But the more we allow our brains to remember, the more likely it is we'll remember our true past lives. Trusting our minds can give us clearer and truer information than any other way.

Let me know if you have any other questions!




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