Reincarnation/Where to start?


How do i begin to figure out my past life?
How common is it to be reborn into the same family?
Can pets be reborn into humans? Possibly into the same family?

I've become more interested into finding out about my past lives recently. I always felt as though that i was from a different family because i was born on the s outh, very far away from where the rest of my family was born and live. Another reason why is because I'm so different. I'm " weird". I'm pagan and have an alternative style and ideas.

A few years ago i learned that my Native American Grandfather actually practiced since sort of magick. Also, i learned that his Mother had knee length black hair, I too have knee length hair that I dye black. I felt that was significant, and that I maybe my Great Grandmother reincarnated. I never knew my Grandfather, which is a shame, especially after learning this


Start keeping two journals: one for past life indicators, one for your dreams. Past life recall is rarely actual memory: you find the memories locked inside things such as you described: urges towards certain acts, or strong interests in cultures, and beliefs, strong interests in certain music, art, time periods, or countries. Write these things down in your past life journal. In the dream journal. write down all the dreams you can: few of your dreams might point to past life recall, but the more you write your dreams down, the more your brain will be stimulated to remember them, and in clearer detail. You can also indicate by writing in a dream journal what you want to dream about. This isn't an instant request method, you'll need patience, but the more you do this. the more your brain will be prepared to give up answers.

Don't assume you're right about the ideas you have now. I assumed for years that the clues I had collected led to a life in Germany that ended in towards the end of World War II. It turned out all the clues I had were good clues - but NOT to a life in Germany at that time: I died in a nursing home in Faversham England in 1944! I had a German life in the 18th century! Past life recall tends to be fragmented until you have a key event that starts helping you put things in order. Mine was a dream that repeated my most recent past life name three times, and I found myself online. After that, everything started falling into place, not only fotr that life, but several others.

Trust your dreams, your thoughts, but not your assumptions. Just gather your bits together. Also don't trust others' impressions, such as psychic readings, or past life regression. If you have those things done, just add them to your bits, and keep concentrating on YOUR recall, not others' ideas. I've never had a regression or a psychic reading regarding past life recall that turned out to be correct. I HAVE had general psychic readings that touched on my past lives, without either the psychic or me realizing it at the time. I think if you remove the conscious intentions to find your past and rely on your sub-conscious to bring up the information you will get better results.

Read books by Carol Bowman to find out about reincarnation within families, especially Return From Heaven. It may not happen more frequently, but it does happen. My brother returned as my great-niece, leaving all sorts of signs in dreams that he would do so.

About pet reincarnation, you will get a lot of arguments according to the arguer's belief system. We have a lot of ideas about some things that we can't know. We rely on anecdotal evidence, stories from people who feel they have past life recall, that can be verified by some sort of records, to help us know if human recall is on the right track. Animals can't give us this. All I can say is, life didn't start out with the human race. The passing on of conscious energy from one life to another probably didn't wait millions of years for our race to start to evolve! ;)

The last thing I'll tell you is this: if you feel someone used to be someone else, or if you start getting very caught up in your own past life recall, please remember that the most important lifetime is now. I had huge recall that has taken up the past eleven years, and I frankly wish now I had not spent so much time working on that recall. Life goes by quickly. Let now be your priority.



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