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Hello sandra, firstly , I'm not critizing at all.  I'm not sure about past lives, but I was talking about it to a girlfriend, and we started thinking that problems we have may be due to  past lives.  So it got us wondering.  I'm not sure I believe it, I guess that makes me a skeptic.  I have a lot of anxiety at different times.  I wish I could seek medical help more than I do, I have when I had to, but I wish I knew why the anxiety, I know the simple answer I don't want to hear bad news, but I'd like to know does it goes beyond that, like a past life, was there something in a past life that can cause this anxiety now, and maybe it causes phobias in people depression etc. Is it because of a past life. thank you

Jan, I wasn't sure about past lives, even though I thought reincarnation was possible, until I got knocked in the head by finding out what I remembered had actually happened. It's natural to be skeptical about it.

On whether your anxiety is caused by a past life - I can't tell you. If you are hoping for a psychic reading, I don't feel that's the best way to find out one's past life. I always suggest keeping a journal in which you write down ideas of who you might have been, where you think you came from, things that attract you from the past - writing any and all ideas down, in order to let your brain know that you would like to remember, and trigger your memories. However, if you have no idea yet, if these things haven't been nagging you to remember already, you might find it difficult to recall. I have found, in discussing this with many other people who recall past lives, that we tend not to remember unless there is a reason in our present life that makes it necessary for us to recall the past.

I can tell you, as a cyclic depressive who has been through serious anxiety myself, that finding the cause, whatever it is, is not the best help for dealing with the problem. By letting go of needing to know what caused it, I found I released myself from something that made no difference - knowing whatever causes it does not relieve the symptoms. I realized I'm not responsible for the cause, but I am responsible for finding my own comfort.

The biggest help for me was realizing that my anxiety about finding causes didn't help the anxiety that I already felt - it doubled it. I started changing the problem when I stopped being anxious about being anxious and just let myself feel what I feel. In that way, I lessened the discomfort and also moved through and out of anxious periods much more easily. When anxiety, depression or fear etc. is triggered, we do have the choice of how we react to it. This is a process called behavior modification combined with cognitive therapy - understanding how your symptoms get triggered, and then choosing a more comfortable or benign way to respond to the triggers. By using these methods, your symptoms are relieved, and, as a bonus, you may find out what caused the anxiety in the first place - but, by then, it will not matter so much to you.

I am personally glad I realized this method before I recalled my past lives, because, frankly, knowing did not relieve anxiety - it gave me more! What you find out is always so different from what one expects! When you recover past life memory it's not always wonderful. It's like any life is: full of highs and lows. Consider very carefully whether you want to take on any more possible anxiety before you are comfortable with dealing with what anxiety you already have.

Let me know if you have any other questions; I hope this response will be of help.



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