Mr. Salva,

Can a reincarnated pet come back to the same people that had it
when it died?
My husband and I lost our beloved Koco 3 weeks ago.  She and I
were extremely close.


Dear Sandra,

I am sorry to hear that your beloved pet died, and I pray that you will soon experience peace and healing.

For this particular question I have to answer from my own general knowledge about reincarnation, and about animals and the humans who bond with them.

Animals, like people, have souls. Like people, they reincarnate. The great spiritual master, Paramhansa Yogananda, said that, for animals, the reincarnation process is fairly automatic. People have egos, and through those egos, the ability to affect and change their karma, and therefore the circumstances by which they reincarnate. In animals the sense of self is not as fully developed, so their reincarnation process is relatively straightforward from one animal incarnation to the next.

That being said, Yogananda also taught that those animals who spend time in close proximity to humans evolve more quickly and are closer to human consciousness than those that don't. Humans form karmic bonds that bring them together in many and various incarnations and situations. I believe it is possible for the same thing to happen between people and animals.

And so—again, this is my belief—and my recommendation—if I were you, I would wait for a short period of time (perhaps a month or two), and then go and visit a number of pet shops or animals shelters, and see whether you might feel a connection with Koco's spirit in another animal form. You may have an interesting experience.

Then again, you may find another animal with whom you've been in contact before. Either way, it can only be a good thing if you can experience again the joy of expanding your heart to include another of God's creatures.

I hope this response is helpful to you.

Peace and joy to you,

Richard Dayanand Salva
Author of The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln


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