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Timothy wrote at 2015-11-27 15:14:46
Too many assertions are being passed as facts and absolute truth in regards to the nature of the soul, heaven, hell, and God. If the soul is immortal, then it must be eternal & therefore never created, is not a logical assumption, as given by the expert. Assuming God to be the first cause, and itself responsible without any external causes, therefore eternal, without a beginning or end, & also being omnipotent, without limitations, able to will from itself, and for itself anything possible, although seemingly impossible for man to perceive these qualities, can and did create the sensible and physical world perceived by man, and therefore also man's soul. Then it must needs follow that the soul(s) can be both immortal and created, without having being eternal. Logically, man's soul can have a beginning, at the instant God created, but, having being created with a permanent quality, then it will not perish, unless changed otherwise by its creator, God.  

It's ironic that the same experts that tell us that the soul is eternal and never created, will also, from the other side of their mouth, state that there are old and young souls. How can anything eternal have "age?"

I realize that the "disclaimer" clause is utilized when the "experts" provide an answer, but where is the logical consistency? But I also understand the nature of the subject, no easy thing to lock down to truth, this business of the nature of the soul, heaven, hell, and God, and therefore all these various opinions from all kinds of religions, philosophies and sciences, and the combinational use of these by some experts. Seeing the difficulty of providing objective proof palpable to all, then it follows that, at least, hold the experts accountable to logical consistency when relating their "knowledge," or more precisely, "opinions," in these matters, even though there is no" logic" per say in matters that can only be accepted by "faith" alone, as far as anyone is able to do at this time in history, although it may not be excluded that an absolute truth acceptable to everyone will be discovered and revealed in mankind's future. Then, when this will happen, there will be no need for expert opinions, and it will all be clear to each and everyone of us, even the mundane, such as myself.  


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