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Hi Stephen, regarding the subject of the Soul and whether it lives on after death, I have been told that the Soul dies with body, that's what the Bible says, according to the Jehovahs Witnesses.

I am confused and I now don't know what to believe, but I would like to believe that we as Soul live on after death.  Could you please throw some light on the subject of death.

Dear Collin,

The soul is eternal, which means, it was not created, and is never destroyed. This understanding appears to have been there in the early Church, or portions of it, until 553 A.D. when Origin's doctrine of the pre-existence of the soul was banned, or made "anathema." According to some writers, this was done at the behest of the emperor, who stacked the council, or even convened an unofficial meeting to get the job done before the council, while the pope at that time boycotted the meeting. Here are two relevant accounts:

I don't think one can simply dismiss this scholarship out-of-hand.

If the soul is eternal, and God is eternal, then there cannot be two separate eternal things. This is why the doctrine was banned--because it leads to the soul being part of God. One analogy is given that it is like drops in the ocean--but drops are, essentially, when you get right down to it, the ocean itself, *when they cease being drops.* That means that the true goal of religion is to merge with God, which you really were part of all along. That means "original sin" is wrong--man is not essentially bad, man is essentially of the same stuff as God.

This one mistake led to the type of mistaken Christian doctrine we have, today--or, it was the gateway through which a whole host of errors (as seen in the Nicene Creed, for example), entered in. Remove that "anathema," and everything comes right, one after the other. Put that anathema in, and everything has to get distorted around it to fit. What we now have, is a doctrinal system in which everything had to get distorted to make a kind of coherent picture, an internally-consistent picture, doctrinally. In actuality, for example, neither heaven nor hell are eternal. They are states experienced in-between incarnations. The Kingdom of God is a much higher state, experienced when the soul merges into God. So the entire distorted, internally-consistent picture, which was created to make room for that anathema,  has to be thrown out, and one has to start again from scratch, with the pre-existence of the soul put back into the equation.



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