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Hi Laura, most of my life I have believed that our soul lives on after death, until I was confronted with the Jehovahs Witnesses who said that in the Bible, there is no mention that the Soul is immortal and that when the body dies, the Soul dies with it. I am so confused, that I am getting to the stage where I am not going to believe in anything, but deep down I want to believe that we as Soul live on, even though the Bible doesn't say so.  Could you please help me know what the Truth is.

Hi Collin,

This is a deeply personal question that, ultimately, each of us has to decide for ourselves. It's been confusing for those who rely on religious texts for this answer, but fortunately, science has evolved enough that we can look beyond faith for those answers.

I encourage you to search the fields of quantum physics and neuroscience for the evidence you seek. You won't have to look hard to find it.

Once you feel you have the answer, search inside yourself. That is where the true answer lies.


Laura Giles


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