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Even though I'm only 23, death has been constantly on my mind.  So for me obviously a belief in an afterlife brings me comfort. But I can't believe in an afterlife on belief alone. I need some sort of evidence. And out of all of the different beliefs reincarnation seems the most probable. I read Dr. Brian Weiss's book Many lives, Many Masters and was very fascinated by it. But I'm still not entirely convinced. My question is what ultimately convinced you of your belief in reincarnation? And why is reincarnation not more popular? Do you see a rise in the belief of reincarnation in the future?


Dear Brad,

For scientific evidence I suggest reading the information on this website:

Dr. Stevenson examined cases of children who had spontaneous recall of previous lives. He verified the memories and found that the children were able to identify where they lived previously, currently living family members, and had recall of past life habits. This doesn't necessarily mean that reincarnation is a fact. These memories could be due to cellular memory or ESP or something else that science hasn't identified. However, I think that this is the strongest proof suggestive of reincarnation- certainly stronger than recalled memories from hypnosis. (And I say this as someone who conducts regressions regularly. It's not a slight against past life regression at all).

What ultimately convinced ME is my own personal experience. When doing a regression, there is an emotional response that can't be faked. But let's say that my brain is clever and created stories to lead me to learning. Okay, great tool. It's still very useful even if it's not real, right?

But my experience goes beyond that. In one regression session, I uncovered details of that life that I had no way of knowing. I saw details of how homes were constructed, what people ate, and things about every day life that I'd never read about or seen in a movie. They were so strange to me that I researched them and found that they were in fact true details of that time period and place. Again, I could be tapping into something like ESP or cellular memory. It might not be reincarnation, but it could be.

I think like all things spiritual, things evolve. Why do we not believe in matriarchy anymore? Why not polytheism? According to one poll, 27% of Americans believe in reincarnation. While that number is rising, I doubt that we see a huge increase as most people are moving away from anything religious. I think that's just the nature of, well, nature. :)

Why is the belief in reincarnation not more popular? I think many Americans were indoctrinated in a religion that can't be scientifically substantiated. I think many have had religious experiences that were invalidating, so they throw out the baby with the bathwater. Nothing religious is welcome or tolerated. If a person is brought up in the Judeo-Christian belief system, they are taught there is one shot at heaven or hell. There is one path to salvation. It's a huge leap to go from that to assuming personal responsibility for your current conditions and soul's evolution. Who wants to take that on? :)

Laura Giles


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