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Reincarnation/My entire family has the same mole, possible reincarnation?


Hi, my name is Lola and I'm born on 8 Feb 1996. Two questions-
First, my entire family has the same mole. The three of us, dad, mom and I each have a mole on the exact same spot. My mom thinks it's possible reincarnation. Furthermore my ex-boyfriend has a similar mole too, and he has always liked me since we were 12. He doesn't really have a reason for loving me, he just felt that somehow we are supposed to be together. Though we broke up, he's still admiring me, and I can't help but feel like he has a huge place in my life. Could this mean that somehow we were all related?
Second, my mom has recurring dreams of swimming in a pool. The walls were tiled like a mosaic, and she was wearing a swimsuit that resembled those we have now (it didn't look like those really old swimsuits from a long time ago). She also has a fear of water. Does this mean that this could be a part of her past life, and it's coming back in the form of a phobia?
Thank you.

Hi Lola,

The mole story is curious. In Dr. Ian Stevenson's literature, he talks about moles, birthmarks or wounds even, manifesting in subsequent bodies occupied by the same soul/person. I haven't heard about a group sharing a mole, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I think it would be uncommon though.

Yes, I think dreams and present life fears can be associated with past life learning or experiences. Basically what happens is that trauma, beliefs, and emotions don't necessarily die when the body dies. We don't necessarily gain all sorts of wisdom and become enlightened at death so we can and do hold on to things. If fear was present at a death due to drowning, that certainly could manifest again in this life.

"Memories" aren't always crystal clear or perfect (not in "real" life either) so the fact that your mother sees this in her mind's eye as modern doesn't mean it didn't come from the past.


Laura Giles


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