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Reincarnation/reincarnation of my brother


QUESTION: My brother passed away last year and he communicates to me daily. Everything I do, feel, eat,see, think, he knows. He says he's been reincarnated in me. Can this be possible?. Can it be temporary because its driving me up the wall. And we clash and he tries to tell me what to do. Our last live visit was I was upset with a family member crying to him on my matter and I know he was concerned probably for me.

ANSWER: Hello,

No, your brother cannot reincarnate in an adult. Reincarnation means the rebirth of the soul into another body. If the body is occupied by a soul, it is not reincarnation. It is either possession, attachment, or a walk-in.

It sounds as if you have an attachment. This is not healthy. He needs to move on. You have a life to live. Your destinies are not the same. I'd seek help in getting him unattached.


Laura Giles

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QUESTION: How do I get him to move on? And not only that I hear other relative's voices as well. They claim to be from heaven and hell. I believe they say this because we have good and bad in us.They say they will never leave.


You need to work with someone who does regression work and is experienced with working with attachments.

It's really important that you find someone experienced and skilled. If it were me, I'd also look for someone with credentials in mental health like a counselor (LPC), psychologist, or social worker (LCSW).


Laura Giles, LCSW


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