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truth wrote at 2015-12-13 17:08:54

It seems to me that the responses you have received adds up to a mere nothing, an illusion, a dream. Therefore wake up to reality..... You are God. And so, you are alone, and the rest is a dream you are having. Why try to make head or tail out of a dream? The logic in the response, if you can call it that, should be obvious. It would be logical if what you have been told is true, but it's neither. If the expert states that the dream God is having is over when one realizes that one is God, then Stephen is conscious of this very thing, and so he is God. But if he is God realizing that, and knows that he alone exists, who are you the one asking the question? And for that matter, who an I, attempting to put my two cents into this? Why, I can only say that I'm just part of God's dream.  It seems that we have a contradiction, because we have God in the awaken state as Stephen, because Stephen realizes this, and accepts it, and then we have you, who represent God in a dream state, since you did not realize this before. God is both asleep and awake.  And who and what are all those stones, pebbles, and grains of sand? God sleeping, of course! I don't think that you received good advice, but you have only yourself to blame, because if only you would just wake up and realize that you are God, you would not need to ask questions in your dreams, since you would realize that you are God, and the rest of us who don't believe in this nonsense you are getting, are just chopped liver. But don't pay attention to me, I'm just part of a dream you are having, or is it me who is dreaming you both? Only God knows for sure, but only when God wakes up. But apparently it is boring and lonely for God to be in an awaken state, therefore God prefers to stay asleep, dreaming that He has company and enjoying, and suffering, all those things of good and evil. God (the expert responding to your questions) did not tell you how long He stays awake since He has trouble with insomnia; how long?  


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I can answer questions about reincarnation (from both Eastern and Western perspectives) and life after death, and how these topics relate to religion and spirituality.


I produced a documentary entitled "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America" which aired on PBS station KBDI in Denver, CO, Jan. 2003
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