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QUESTION: How does one go about trying to find out our previous lives when one has not one shred of recollection or feelings, or anything of the kind to utilize? Can a soul be incarnating for the first time, without ever having been in a human body, which would explain no prior knowledge of previous human reincarnation?


ANSWER: Sorry for the delay, Frank; I was away from email. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving; I did.

There are people who will tell you that a psychic can tell you what lives you've had before. I am psychic, and I won't tell you that. I found, in my long experience, that one must recall things without hypnosis, without outside help, in order to find recall you can trust.

We don't know why so few remember past lives. We don't know if it means a person is a new soul, or simply just doesn't remember. We can believe we know, but we can't say any of this is for certain. The belief I feel makes most sense, is that if we have no reason to remember, then we don't. It may be we don't recall if it will disrupt our present life. It may be that we have brought forward no issues we need to remember in order to work through them. It also might be that we will not like what we discover about our past selves if we remember. I do remember a lot, and had to face all three of the maybes, the problems, I just listed. Sometimes I'm sorry I know. Sometimes I am just glad to know that we exist in different ways, and in longer ways, than most of us were taught. And I am thankful just to be who I am, all of me, in this time.

That said, I do know of a way to know more if you want. But it takes patience, and determination.

I have found you can't tell recall how to come to you. But you can tell your unconscious self that you want to know more. Dreams are the way our sub-conscious communicates not only with our consciousness, but with the greater consciousness we are a part of. Start keeping a dream journal, in which you not only write down dreams you have, but write about dreams you WANT to have. Do it every day. Be patient. As I wrote, you can't tell the recall how to come, so don't expect immediate results. If you get dreams that seem to be past life recall, don't try to make sense of them - just write them down, and ask for more. The more you do this, the more your mind will tell you, and the more you will understand your dreams. Someday you will begin to have what I call key dreams, dreams that unlocks your past. They will be very vivid and give specific information that you can't ignore. And you will begin to remember...if you're supposed to.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I hope this began to help.

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QUESTION: Thank you Sandra. I appreciate your honest opinion about these matters, especially considering that you claim to be a psychic. Too many people out there masquerading as genuine experts and psychics, but only for money or attention and/or notoriety.  I know that hypnosis is out for me anyway, since I could never be hypnotized, as the three times I had to be sedated by the dentist, it would take more than three times the normal doses, and still I would gain my senses two or three times for brief periods during the hour long procedures, and to which the dentist would refuse to administer a stronger dose yet, since it then becomes dangerous at those higher doses. So, although I have never submitted to hypnosis, I doubt that I could, if anyone tried.

I do not believe that it is possible to be new souls, although I can entertain the idea that a soul can incarnate for the first time without needing to be a new soul. I think that, if we have a soul and it is immortal, then it is eternal, and if eternal, then it has to be timeless and ageless, since neither time nor age belong in the eternal realm. This is what I believe.

I can accept many points in your reply, and that there must be some rational reasons for many, or most of us, not to remember our past lives, although I tend to believe that due to modern trends and "fashion" requirements, more and more people today are claiming to be remembering past lives. I think many are faking it, or are being led to self-delusion by trends and fashion. To tell you the truth, I do believe in the immortality of the soul, although this is totally due to trust and faith in Plato's Socrates. And I cannot say that even Christianity has not had an influence on my thinking and belief of the immortality of the soul. But it's hard for me to fathom that anyone of us can say, with certainty, just how matters stand, as to who and what we are, why are we here, and if we really continue as the same entity after physical death? But perhaps because I myself have never experienced any clear recollection of having been incarnate as another person in the past, I find myself full of doubts, although as I stated, I strongly entertain the idea of the immortality of the soul. And as Socrates always remarked; I know nothing, except that God only knows.  However, I find it insulting to human intelligence, besides the contradictory nature and inconsistencies from one source to another, when one reads all those accounts of spirits communicating to the physical world all about the astral world of the afterlife life, down to the smallest details of rules, regulations, and all other nonsense as to why the spirit (soul) incarnates and the reasons for all necessary, subsequent and endless cycles of reincarnation. Most will call it Karma, or learning life lessons that cannot be had in the astral world.  Again, only God knows these things. But explain that to those that don't even believe in God, a Creator, a first cause, or whatever term used for the supreme and first Being. Most claim that, in reality, only God exists, and we are all just a tiny, infinitesimal part of God, and in reality, we have no individuality, only the semblance of one, which when shed, we realize that we are just part of God's conscious, and the complete and total belief of this realization will end our nearly endless cycles of reincarnation, and is the sole scope and purpose of our existence, which some call it (God realization.) This last I find totally illogical and an unacceptable concept of reality. We all can still be individual creations of God, without necessarily having to be a part of God. Again only God knows.

I have often wondered that if we are immortal, therefore eternal, why cannot all this physical universe and our limited knowledge of ourselves and the universe, just be some type of entertainment ground (an amusement park) were we all come to playact? Eternity is a "long time," therefore what else can God and his creation (us) do in eternity, besides "passing time" as we do? We drink the water of forgetfulness in our eternal astral world, and then we come to this physical, and sensible amusement park that God has created for Himself, and us too, to have a "good" time.  I think that somewhere in eternity, our current physical universe will be torn down, only to be reconstructed by God as something totally different, where we all, including God, will come to play, yet again, and so on and so on; from everlasting to everlasting. But here too, only God knows, and we only have opinions; some expert and some mundane, some pious and some profane, but all opinions nonetheless.

Thanks for your willingness to help others; it's the thought that counts!

Frank, your thoughts and beliefs were beautifully put. I have always felt that we should never forget that there will always be questions more than answers, and that there is an almost certain probability that what we believe might not hold up as our experiences teach us what might be true. I've been working with my past life recall for over fifty years. I have had false memories - memories formed by things I had learned and forgotten, but then recalled as if they were personal memories (called cryptomnesia). I also had fragments of memories that I wanted to make sense, and made the mistake of assuming I had a life I never had. The false recall fell apart when I started trying to verify if the memories could be real. But the process of research and failure shook something loose, and I began to have dreams and other experiences that led to lives I could verify, through records and historical accounts, for three lifetimes. Until that happened, I believed that reincarnation was possible, but didn't trust my own recall. I still don't trust all my recall. But I have found enough unusual memories verified to know that, whatever reincarnation really is, I KNOW I have actual memories I could not have learned in any way in this lifetime. Something exists beyond a single lifetime, in  some way, in order for that memory to be carried forward. It feels very personal to me. It involves other people and their memories, so I know I'm not alone. But I learned, after fifteen years of deep study, to accept that's as far as we can go. We can believe. I found relief when I reached a certain point of my recall - I had remembered enough to believe in myself. I understood existence is so much more than we can possibly know. And I was relieved. I feel more myself now than I have at any other time in my life. It's freeing to know there is more to us than just the moments we experience now. But, still, I know these moments are the most important thing about living.

Keep wondering. It's the most marvelous thing we can do with life. It's been a pleasure reading your thoughts.


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