Hello. Well, I will cut straight to it; many believe I am the reincarnation of someone else. So, half the real me, and half this other person who is far from perfect.

While this theory is very extreme, there is a mountain of smoking guns from big to small.

My Mother and Sisters believe it to be true. As do the family of this other person.

I understand the only cure is an exorcism. Would you be able to help with advice on this matter? What does an exorcism involve and how does one go about organizing an exorcism?


Dear Peter,

Don't believe everything you've been told. In fact, put aside all of it and think about the following.

No one can tell you who you've been. If you don't have past life recall of your own, take what people tell you with a grain of salt.

Reincarnation has nothing to do with possession. There is no firm proof possession exists. There is, however, decades of research into the past life recall of thousands of case studies, carried out by researchers such as the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia, which has studied and verified many cases of probable past life recall. Many people believe that conscious energy, the stuff which forms our souls, naturally follows the law of physics that states energy can't be destroyed, only transformed. It is very probable that this energy can transform into a new persona living another lifetime - not just visiting within another person, but living a whole new life. But the core soul seems to be the same.

I know from my own verified recall of three lifetimes that I share traits with each of my former selves as well as memories, but it's not a matter of being divided into several personas - I am just remembering how I was at different points of my existence. Memories remind me of how I used to act, to think, to be, when I lived as three very different and far from perfect people. I am not possessed by my former selves - I am one person who has many memories of different stages of my existence. It's just that I am certain, because of my own memories, that my existence stretches well beyond my present lifetime. I trust some of my recall, because I found a number of my memories were true. The rest, I don't know until I find proof. But I no longer look for proof - I've seen enough to realize that what I recall is my memory of my personal experience - and no one else's business but mine. That is true for anyone who has memories of any kind. It's your business.

If you don't have memories, yourself, there is nothing or no reason at this time to remember. Don't try to fit other people's expectations of who you were, anymore than you should for who you are, now.

If anyone tells you that you need an exorcism to deal with reincarnation, they are wrong. If they are offering services, for pay, it's a con game. The past is the past. Live the life you are living now.

In regards to the family of this other person - you wrote "IS far from perfect"? I hope you meant "was," or we're into a whole different discussion. But back to the family - they should leave you alone if you are not comfortable with what they are claiming. I know where the reincarnation of my late companion is, as well as the reincarnation of my brother. I wouldn't bother the new incarnations with my knowledge for the world. It's not fair to lay my expectations from the past on a brand new life. I'm just glad to know they are both living new experiences, and are healthy. The past is DONE.

I'm here if you have more questions.  


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