At this point, I believe you and I are on the same page with reincarnation...we both believe to a certain extent. Letís just say for some odd reason you, I and everybody else DO live multiple lives over and over and over again for some reason. Letís say in our life time something drastic takes places...a worldwide event if you will.  Nuclear war or a crazy gravity change. This will ultimately kill all of us and life as we know it. So during that journey when we experience this life altering event ....will reincarnation end bc the same "earth" we have been getting reincarnated back to is not sustainable of life anymore? Or will it be more less like a dream and once we die and get reincarnated once will be as it was. It makes you think. It makes you think that if reincarnation is truly real and the cycles/journeys we take over and over again are realÖ. they are limited and could eventually expire. But, if thatís the case, what happens to us at that point after it expires? Where do we go

Hi Anthony,
The questions are endless and no answers are absolute. This is how the process works.

Personally, as a Jew, I do not believe the earth will be destroyed. I believe we will get very close and then Messiah will come and a new age will begin.

Reincarnation or gilgul neshamot as we call it is simply a process of soul advancement. We constantly transform in this lifetime, the afterlife and the before lives are not so different. Matter can be killed, the soul lives on. It lives on and when the time is right it is reborn into another suitable vessel and temporarily exchanges timelessness for time. I believe this process allows us to grow as we desire. Free will is very important. Then at some point the resurrection of dead will take place and the process will end. At least for us, on this plane.

Many questions remain unanswered but through the process realization comes and the answers lose their relevancy. We exist. Our consciousness ebbs and flows moving always forwards.  

Peace, Love and Light,

~ Shlomo


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I invite your questions about reincarnation, especially from a religious perspective. What the various religions teach on this subject, possible religious significances of past life memories and so on. How does reincarnation, transmigration and the laws of karma, dharma and marga work. Understanding the biblical gilgul neshamot (the cyclical rolling of souls) as accepted by many Jews. Methods of drawing out your past life memories without resorting to regression therapies that can be misdirections. Sometimes what we need most is someone who will believe us and who will listen as we process. I'm all ears. You can share with me.


Since 1969 I've had a recurring dream/memory of my past life that has been confirmed to my satisfaction. This has led me to explore this topic on my own, with fellow seekers, with teachers of various traditions East and West, and at university. My past life experiences have lead me to formally convert to Judaism, the religion of my past life. I am absolutely convinced that reincarnation is part of God's plan for global restitution and tikun (soul correction).

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