QUESTION: Hello, I have several questions regarding reincarnation. I recently went with my girlfriend to go see a Medium for her benefit. I stayed in the waiting room per the medium's request while my girlfriend’s body was read. There were many contraindications from some of the comments this particular medium said. There was no question this medium believed what she was telling my GF. The things she mentioned to me while we were leaving were right on the dot. My recent move to the area...being hardheaded with love...and the fact I just had a run in with the authorities and by next April...if I didn't stop my shit.... life would change it for me. Ironically enough....something had just occurred and I did in fact, have basically a year to do what the courts were asking of me. I asked why her ...what makes you so knowledgeable. The look on her face while she answered "IDK" was very sincere. Almost as if she had been asking herself the same question her whole life.  So at this point I through my skepticism to the side. What she was telling me obviously had truth behind it. So then I began to ask about what she referred to as “journeys”....and she said everybody has lived multiple lives...but that baby that comes out dead or that man that gets killed abruptly are to teach us. There are teachers and learners.  Everybody has a purpose while “in” a journey. While you are “in” a journey you can learn from what you see or teach the rest of us while you exit your journey. If there is such a thing as spirits being around us after death...then how could they have started their “new journey” in the next life while still lingering in this life as a spirit? I have been to many bullshit places / people in the past...however, this medium was different and was as real as they get. If you truly believe in multiple lives as this woman clearly does - what is the point if we are reborn again and can’t remember our past lives? How can you possibly learn if you can’t remember your mistakes from the past life? Next question- if you truly believe in “journeys” as this woman put it, then at the end of the day what’s the purpose? This woman had been recommended to us by several people. Most of them were skeptics as myself but were true believers once they left her home. She mentioned that god is not what one is taught in school or at church, but there is no doubt a higher power. Any thoughts for me or any experiences you have had personally?

ANSWER: Hi Anthony,

Good questions. Fortunately I have spent over 40 years studying to get the answers. Interestingly, I was just a few minutes ago watching a video of medium Lisa Williams online. She's spot-on. Even editing can't account for it (I saw her live once, too, in a demonstration some years ago). So, no question in my mind, there are genuine ones. I have been fortunate enough to have readings from two who were genuine (as well as one who was so-so, and one fake).

Now, here's my understanding of how this works, in a nutshell--and when you give an answer in a nutshell, it's not complete and will always raise more questions. That's because I can't squeeze 40 years of study into a All Experts box. We don't remember our past lives because we are given a fresh chance. And we set some of this up, ourselves, with help from guides, before we incarnate. It's like a scientific experiment--keep everything else the same, at least subjectively--but let's swap out one or two things, and see if we can pass the test this time. What we *do* carry with us is intuition, and that is a sort of subconscious knowing. For example, I have been studying a past life, and I had a drinking problem. In this lifetime, I didn't like alcohol. I shied away from it--I used drugs for awhile, but never alcohol. I just knew better. We carry *all* of our emotional reactions with us--we just don't realize they are coming from our past lives. If we could remember the past life, the test wouldn't be valid. It would be like cheating on a test by looking at the book. It wouldn't test whether we had learned the lesson, because we would know what to do--even for the wrong motives. We wouldn't get stronger, or develop more confidence and faith, because we'd be cheating. So that's one answer. I won't say it's the only one. People *do* remember bits and pieces of their past lives--especially as children, and sometimes in dreams.

The purpose of reincarnation is tough to say in 200 words or less. It is to gain wisdom, to grow in character, to get well-rounded experience--to understand from different points of view. If you are always a tall person, you will never understand short people--just one example. If you are always strong, you may never learn to be sensitive. But if you are always sensitive, you may never learn to be strong. So we have to try on these different "suits," and you can see, now, why you can't be permitted to remember the last one. The ability to wear a suit with all the colors, so to speak, comes toward the end after a lot of incarnations. For now, people have to wear each suit in turn to get used to it. It would be like trying to play all the positions on a team at the same time. You'd never get really good at any of them. Better to play one position for one season, then shift over to another position the next season. (I'm guessing.)

People who have passed on, and love you and want to help you, can do so while they are waiting to incarnate again. There are a lot of ideas on how long people wait between incarnations. It can be very quickly, or it can be hundreds of years. Typically, I think maybe 80-120 years is probably normal, but this is just a guess. So most of the people in your life who have died, won't be coming back for awhile yet.

Hope that has answered most of your questions, or at least given you some food for thought. Feel free to ask follow-up questions.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Stephen...I greatly appreciate you taking the time on getting back to me so soon. It means alot to me.  I have another question I have been pondering. At this point, I believe you and I are on the same page with reincarnation...we both believe to a certain extent at least. Let’s just say for some odd reason you, I and everybody else DO live multiple lives over and over and over again for some reason. Let’s say in our life time something drastic takes places...a worldwide event if you will.  Nuclear war or a crazy gravity change. This will ultimately kill all of us and life as we know it. So during that journey when we experience this life altering event ....will reincarnation end bc the same "earth" we have been getting reincarnated back to is not sustainable of life anymore? Or will it be more less like a dream and once we die and get reincarnated once will be as it was. It makes you think. It makes you think that if reincarnation is truly real and the cycles/journeys we take over and over again are real…. they are limited and could eventually expire. But, if that’s the case, what happens to us at that point after it expires? Where do we go

ANSWER: I can only say that my Guru, Meher Baba, said that there have been multiple earths, i.e., planets fulfilling the function of earth, and presumably there will be more. Personally, I have the impression that Mars and the moon, both, were once inhabited, and their destruction was not natural. But I've forgotten my sources for that.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: If that is the case- I don’t believe this is an individual test, but more of a test as a whole. As a species perhaps - But who is pulling the strings? The more I go in-depth and analyze this, I sound crazier. I could only imagine the questions you have asked yourself after 40 years. lol

I understand about individual progress, but I don't know about group tests or species tests. I believe that God is pulling the strings. But now we are getting beyond the realm of just reincarnation.

My approach very early was to try to identify the people who knew, and then study what they said. Asking questions and looking for the answers from a wide variety of sources--which is the typical Western academic approach--wasn't working for me. I found that all my questions were answered to my individual capacity to understand them; but somewhere along the way, I lost the need to understand everything with my intellect.



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