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Why does God allow mediums  to communicate with the spirit world ?   The Bible advises against using mediums ?
  Does the Bible teach against reincarnation ? Brief answers are fine. Merci beaucoup.

Hi Ronan,

I think you will get different answers depending upon who you ask when it comes to questions of faith.

The Spiritualist church believes that mediumship is a normal part of human life. They teach everyone to do it. They don't feel that it is mysterious, but part of a relationship with God that is supported by scripture.

There are many instances of spiritual communication in the Bible and in ancient cultures. The foretelling of Jesus' birth was revealed by astrologists. Every king had astrologers.

Joseph had the gift of prophecy through dreams. Neither of these is the same as mediumship, but they are ways of connecting with the other world. These were not "banned."

In "The Christian Conspiracy" (among other books) the author makes great arguments for why early Christians DID believe in reincarnation and how it was removed from the faith. The fact that they didn't speak about it doesn't mean it wasn't a belief. We don't talk about breathing much, but we all do it. ;)

Good luck,

Laura Giles


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