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QUESTION: Hi! I had a vision over 10 years ago. I was spending night at a friends house and sleeping in her sisters bed. I reached to pull the sheet over my head when I had a vision of laying down on a stone type bed, it looked like the inside of a cave.  Two men approached me wearing traditional Egyptian gear, headdress etc and they were trying to kill me.

I literally have a phobia about sleeping on my back, a fear of being killed in my sleep, always felt this way before the vision. the vision was prompted by my pulling the sheet over my head, it was tucked underneath the mattress and I had to use force to pry it loose, I freaked out and screamed NO! As I yanked the sheet away from myself.

Since then I have been researching Pharaohs murdered in their sleep, as I  always felt a strong connection to Egypt -  at least I did in my youth, that slowly started to go away as I've gotten older.

That vision is clear to me as it was the night it happened and I've never had another vision like it since.

The bed I was laying on was stone, it was high and it felt like I was laying down in the infirmary, if they had one. The place was dark, grey type walls, everything was smooth and the two guards approached me with torches, I saw them.

maybe you can share some light on this for me?

my best,

ANSWER: Hello,

It's an interesting story that definitely could be a past life memory.

If you had a specific question, I could give you more specific feedback.

Laura Giles

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I guess, my question is do you have someone you recommend for a hypnosis?
My best,
Do you know anything about Eygption history, did they have an infirmary?

ANSWER: Hi Anita,

Where in California are you?

As to your question about the existence of an infirmary in ancient Egypt, I think that is going to depend upon when in history we are talking about and for what class of people. Surely we know that the Egyptians were advanced in medicine (as evidenced by their brain surgeries and embalming practices), but did they have a "hospital"? I don't think so, not at least as a widespread practice.

Things are sometimes misconstrued, especially when they occur in a dream because you are viewing them through today's eyes. It would be like visiting Mars and trying to make sense out of what you see through what you know on Earth. It could be totally irrelevant. When you are doing a regression, sometimes the context becomes known to you because you are seeing it through the eyes of now as well as the eyes of then.

Laura Giles

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Iit was a dark room, I was laying on a stone table. The walls were bare, smooth and there was a place for hanging torches only there were none. Two guards entered and they smothered me while I laid there. Where I was seemed like under ground, it was small, but I was defenseless. It probably wasn't an infirmary, just felt like one as I was there alone laying on a stone table/bed?

I live in SF, CA.
Thank you!


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Having explored ancient Egypt extensively, I can tell you that there are many places that sound like what you describe. Lots of stone used in temples and palaces.

Laura Giles


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