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Reincarnation/reincarnation announcement dream?


My youngest daughter had a dream about talking with her deceased grandmother of 5 years.  In the dream she asked her grandmother if she was in heaven.  Her grandmother responded "I am in between."  My daughter asked "are you happy?"  The reply was "yes."  Since my Oldest daughter is currently pregnant, I guessed that this was an announcement that My Mom (their grandmother) is coming back.  Do you think this is a fair assessment?  Are there other possibilities that I am not getting from this?  Thanks for your help.

I am a medium as well as someone who has worked with past life recall, and dreams. There is a dimension in between where we are and what many of us would think of as heaven, where it is easier for entities who have passed on to communicate with those of us who are in this life. That's all your mother was saying, I think. My mother spent an extended time in that dimension until she was ready; she finally told me in a dream that we wouldn't be able to communicate any more as we had, because she was moving on. At that point I believe she was preparing to reincarnate, because she showed me the kind of girl she would be. The same thing happened with my late companion - he showed me specifically, down to who his parents would be, who he'd be. I've been able to watch him grow, from a distance, over the years.

There has something I have wondered about because of these and similar experiences. What if life itself is considered heaven or hell depending on the circumstances? I don't know. But, for your question, I don't think this was an announcing dream that your mother is coming back to you now. This was a dream to let you all know that your Mom is in a place where she can watch you, a place nearby.

My brother did reincarnate into his family. He did send a clear announcing dream, at the moment of his death, because he was so determined to return. He sent such specific information to me in this dream, he showed me what the little girl he would be looked like, so I would know, of all the babies in the family, which one was going to be him. She was borh eight years later. This is an example of how extraordinary the planning of our future lives can be. Know this: your mother will come back exactly when and where she most needs to be. But she will never be out of touch with you. Existence is an astonishing thing. So is love. I hope this helps.


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