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 My friend lost her son at 6 yrs. old. tragically.  It was quite a few yrs. ago.  lately as I'm now older, I've lost a few friends and of course relatives.  a group and myself, were talking about reincarnation, past lives etc.  My friend doesn't want to think of her son as dead.  She's hoping he's been reincarnated. If we go to an afterlife,through the centuries people have died. are there trillions of people in an afterlife.  so is reincarnation an answer to this.  As my uncle once said it's got to be pretty crowded. And then there is outer space which is infinite.  so many questions kept coming up.  I'd like to know if I had a past life.  I'm going through some turmoil now, not illness,  so maybe that's why I'm thinking this way  and the discussion got started.I lost my parents I always wonder where they are.  If they are around me my family...We'd like to hear your thoughts on this.  thank you.


It's good you are asking these questions.

Yes, I've had many past lives. So have you. So has everyone. I am a past life therapist. I see this every day.

Modern American culture doesn't really have religions now that support the living very well or the dying. Our religions aren't particularly spiritual. Consequently, we don't die well. When people don't die well, they may not cross over. So lots of souls are stuck between lives.

Those who cross over become one with the Source again and are pure. From there they can operate as our spirit helpers or they may reincarnate. Once they are embodied again, they come back with the same energetic patterns that they had before. They still have that spark of purity (as we all do), but they have to deal with the karma they created in other lifetimes.

So your parents could be stuck. They could be at one with Source. They could be back here.

There are some articles on my website about past lives.

Laura Giles

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QUESTION: thanks for your response, but when you say my parents may be stuck here.  why??? Can I help them to move on.  my friend's son died tragically a psychic told her he's helping others something like a teacher.  Do you know who I may have been in a past life.  Maybe that's why I have anxiety a lot because of my past life.  sounds interesting , and I'm not doubting you or being critical but hard to believe especially if you lost children and loved ones. we don't want to think they aren't somewhere not stuck here. thanks again.

People get stuck because they don't successfully cross over. This could be because their loved ones won't let them go (grief). It could be because of fear of dying/Hell. It could be because they died traumatically and don't realize they are dead.

I wouldn't trust what a psychic says without independent verification. They are often wrong or deluded.

I don't know who you were in a past life. It's not really your personality that matters, but the energy that you bring forward. Look at your current life patterns for clues. IF you are still holding on to something (beliefs, habits) that doesn't serve you, let it go.

Your questions don't sound critical. For people who don't grow up with these beliefs, it can be quite a shock. Do your research. Ask questions. Talk to people. Check your gut. Your spirituality is the most important thing you have. I wouldn't just accept some random stranger's words. Check your gut.

Laura Giles


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