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Okay,so 2 yrs ago this guy had asked me out and even after I refused to date him,he used to pester me and wait outside my class for me.After I lost contact with him,he inquired about me from my friends.Now we recently met after 2 years and he used to call me regularly.
On our second date we made out.We din't have sex but did a lot of kissing and touching.
After that incident he has been avoiding me.
Anyways we had planned to meet after a month and I don't know how to get his affection back.Can you help me.


I don't think he deserves to have your affection back. Beyond words what his behavior communicating is- "I am not interested and rather than be honorable and let you know there is a change in my feelings, I'll just leave you dangling."

As difficult as it may be- and rejection in all forms is a challenge- ask yourself if this is the kind of guy you want to be involved with.

Your attachment to him at this point is minimal, which makes it easier to cut bait and walk away. You can always chalk it up to a lesson in listening to your gut instinct. I bet there was a reason you refused to date him way back when. Maybe you sensed he was a jerk. In either case you were right to avoid him then and right to do the same thing now.

He honestly sounds like a guy who simply enjoys the hunt and playing game. Well your body and emotions are not his playground.

Good Luck.  

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