I've studied in "A brief history of time" and in "The theory of everything" that we cannot go back to the past.. But fuure may be possible.. like that. Hawking told a simple example like "How will you born if you killed your mother in the past?". But my point of view like in some movies.. that if we move to past.. there can be 2 persons.. like one already present and the other is me the time traveler.. so there might be 2 shameems in the past. If it is "No", tell me why. And how do you know that speed of light is the limit of everything? And gravity traveling at speed of light? Gravity a form of light?

Whether there are 2 shameems in the past is a question that is for the proponents to answer, not the sceptics. Look up "Occam's Razor" in Wikipedia.

We believe that light travels at the fastest speed possible because it is the prediction of a theory that seems to be confirmed in many ways and is disconfirmed by nothing yet. The speed c is the speed limit for everything, not just light.  And no, gravity is not a form of light as far as we know. Light is an electromagnetic wave, and gravity seems to have nothing to do with electromagnetism. Gravity travels no faster than light because nothing travels faster than light. If something is found that travels faster, we will have to rethink the whole matter, but nothing so far does.



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