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Hi expert.i had bough canon ir3035 copier before 3 is giving trouble nearly two times for a month.and now it is giving error code E000400-0002 sometimes and sometimes it operates normally as usually.It also has another problem that is the screen is good but sometimes it is giving display properly only but when we try to change options they are not changing and some times it takes time and works properly.I have checked machine parts and i have found that they have given wrong spare parts.for a cleaning blade there is no rubber instead they have tampered it with plaster.And one more problem is it is giving print alightly darker than original even after adusting scan and print densities. And when we try to copy both sides of paper on letter R mode,it is working properly.but when we try to print on letter size paper both sides it is getting gam.some times it also gets jammed at fixing unit when try to print on one side only.please help me to get out of these problems.i dont have money to replace parts.

you need to call a service technician to take a good look at your machine... from just thinking it through in my head... you are going to need a fuser... paper feed rollers... scanner... scanner lamp... and then there is adjustment... it may just make more sense to get another machine... a service technician doing diagnostics can tell you just how bad it is... and it is bad...

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