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I got an error code E203 on my Canon NP 4050 copier machine. When I got this error few days ago I simply solved this problem by cleaning the sensor the scan lamp and all the surrounding. After few days I faced the same problem, now I changed the Scanner Board, it solved the problem for few days. Now I got the same problem. But now I am unable to solve the problem. I tried to solve it by restarting but after that when I started to make the photocopies the error code E 203 appears. I tried to remove error by using $ *4* ERROR but when I tried to take copies in 200% - 150% the copier works not in 100% - 50% what to do.I have a Canon Np 4050 110 V copier. (some times FF5-1019-000, PULLEY MOUNTING RIGHT is making some sound is this the problem)

This sounds bad... if you are not a copy technician call one... and get an estimate... it may be simpler to replace the machine.  If you are a technician then you have your work cut out for you... this is not a simple break and fix... you are going to have to vacuum out everything... grease  and replace as needed. clean all mirrors and glass parts... then perform alignment, copy alignment, print alignment, scanner table alignment and document feeder alignment.  You are going to need the manual... follow it step by step on alignment procedures.  Then you are going to have to test the machine, for printing, and copying and align as needed.  Next you are going to need to run the copier until the jam occurs and make note of what changed... it could be a wire... it could be a noise... it could be a mirror... it could be your document feeder is not sitting properly on the machine... it could be anything... like I said work...

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