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QUESTION: The residual toner / carrier is not being cleaned off the drum resulting in 'dirty' copies. I've tried new cartridges and cleaned components and corona wires. It seems that whatever should be discharging the drum before it rotates past the drum cleaning blade is not functioning. All electrical contacts to the cartridge seem normal and clean. Any suggestions how to go about finding the fault and fixing?

ANSWER: change the cleaning blade.... the cleaning blade is sopposed to clean the drum... thats about it... also check that the issue is not being caused by the fuser... the fuser has a cleaning felt that should be changed every time you change the toner... if that is not changed dirty copies can also result...

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QUESTION: Hi, Can't change the cleaning blade - it's an all-in-one cartridge system.  Have tried changing cartridge (twice) for a brand new one but that doesn't fix the problem. After just 3-4 copies you can see the remaining toner/carrier coating the drum. (Fuser cleaning felt is fine.)

ANSWER: if it is an all in one... where the drum and toner cartridge are one unit... then it sounds like you have defective toner cartridges.... if that is the case... contact the person who sold you the toner cartridges...

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QUESTION: They are Canon cartridges - 'genuine' O.E.  I've never used anything else.  The problem - it's not the cartridges.

the only thing left is to trace the contacts that the drum and toner and contacts to the wires that they connect to and then trace the wires to the board thats the problem... so the issue maybe the wire or the board... now its a pc11 machine... it may just be cheaper to get another pc11 machine...  

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