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Reptiles/savannah monitor nostrils


bobo08 wrote at 2008-05-12 11:18:09
Funny thing is that most S. Monitors are imported from Kenya or Tanzania where it doesn't get 100-120 degrees but care sheets push the high heat for all monitors. I keep my basking spot between 100-105.  They say that monitors need to raise their internal temp to 130 degrees or so but many Monitors live in natural habitats that are not desert like or extremely hot.

Tracie's advice is good I just differ on heating temps on a whole for Savy's as I think they can do just fine in slightly lower temps.

John wrote at 2014-02-06 11:40:37

I know this question is old but I am having the exact same problem. No breathing problems, eating normally, temps from 20 to 26 at night and 28 to 32 in the day. Any follow up on what those white looking nose plugs were?



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