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Edofin wrote at 2013-03-10 17:57:01
I look at it more as a Sensory Integration Issue..Basically Chameleons are Autistic..  

We (generally) integrate our sight and hand movements.  But would we even do this if our eyes did the opposite of what they do now?  Instead of being inclined to focus both eyes on one location, swivel them independently around..  We would stop relying on our sight so-much to coordinate our hand movements, and we would start moving our hands more ..err..'Textilie'..feeling our way around..  

..Even now, we 'know' where we set our coke can when reading, or something.  We don't look up, we just reach for it, suppose you grab the pencil holder instead..

I suspect we would get so used to this that when we 'grabbed something', that something registers in the mind (say hand rail) and we never think to double check with sight..  Could lead to some awkward looking moments..  

..I wonder if Chameleons where humans; where on the Spectrum they would be - obliviously not High Functioning, they sure aren't talking much..


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