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Reptiles/King Cobra Vs Black Mamba


Sam_king309 wrote at 2008-08-28 09:02:38
Well no doubt both the species of snakes are deadly but regarding a fight between a king cobra and an inland taipan,. It will be speed vs size .If King Cobra is fast enough to utilize its size with its venom , it might be the winner .On the other hand if Inland taipan is the first one to strike ,it will surely be the winner .

max wrote at 2008-10-20 00:20:46
The King cobra would most probably win against the inland taipan because its diet mainly consist of other snakes both venomous and non venomous.It is a specialist snake hunter and even has much resistence against other snake venom.It is also a very aggressive snake.The inland taipan on the other hand is rather little shy and docile.Hence the King cobra has more advantage.

snakehandler wrote at 2009-01-22 22:02:51
im not sure you are an expert at this because there is no cobra snake that is more venomous than the black mamba. the king cobra is not even the most venomous cobra. the spectacle cobra, also found in India, is more venomous than the king cobra. the only advantage of the king cobra is that it can inject perhaps the largest dose.

the mamba's nasty venom (atleast 7 times that of a cobra), plus its aggression and speed (fastest snake in the world) makes it perhaps the worst snake encounter in the world. the mamba bite is much more accurate than any other snakes also. it is the perfect striker

KM wrote at 2009-03-16 01:13:00
i would'nt follow any of these answers because if you really knew your reptiles you should at least use the right terms.

these snakes are not poisonous

they're venomous.

ashish naik wrote at 2010-02-03 09:34:33
If its a fight king cobra and black mamba , i think , king would win . Because , king eat other snakes so its expert in hunting other snakes .. Sometimes other snakes do bite king , while hunting , but its body is immune to it . But if you ask between king and inland taipan , i cant tell . inland taipan might be smaller and less powerful than the king . ut if it bites king , i think king will be dead in few mins . because , taipan venom is 50 times stronger than king's . so i think king wont try  killing taipan . I cant tell u exactly , but if u see , in king and mamba king will win and in king and taipan the taipan . but taipan is very shy snake . it wont trouble other's nor interested in fighting to others .

timothy wrote at 2011-04-21 22:29:02
king cobra will win because the king cobra killed more snacks than black mamba did.king cobras can clime to so a king cobra will win.

praveen wrote at 2011-06-19 12:58:13
If there is a fight between king cobra and inland taipan what happens?

Physically king is more powerful and also venomous but inland is more venomous than king . Surely both will be dead or inland alone will be dead because king has the capacity of bearing venom for certain minutes because it feeds venomous snakes like comman indian krait (much venomous  than king but not as much as  inland) . But the probability of fighting is very very less. King avoids fight to maximum extent   because it fears of getting bitten  and inland is also shy snake and it only bites for selfdefence. Only humans can test by trapping both snakes in a same place and make both agressive to fight.

sriram chowdary wrote at 2011-06-23 12:01:47
what actually happens is first we put king cobra & blackmamba in a 1*1*1cubicmetre glass cage and let both of them fight.then b/m being quick bites k/c but king being stronger chews a result first b/m dies.then king dies with the strong neurotoxic effect of b/m.

mosi74 wrote at 2012-03-28 19:50:52
This is to correct the erronous answer regarding the black mamba.The black mamba is the world's fastest snake(yes much faster than the king) as well as one of the most venomous, (i think only the Inland Taipan and the brown snake is more venomous) ,but with it's combination of speed and faster acting Venom it's consider the most lethal to humans. Now regarding a fight between a black Mamba and a King Cobra max lenght is 18-20 feet while the black mamba is 15-16 feet, i conclude that it depends on the individual snakes involves, not the species as a whole.

mapuia wrote at 2015-06-05 18:40:32
In taipan vs king cobra ,If there is fight between the king cobra and taipan,i think the king will win if he strike on the taipan head but if in the body then the taipan will bite and i guess both will die due to powerful venom of taipan and  of course taipan will die too due to large quantity of venom release by  the king...


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