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Reptiles/our red eared sliders died


Sam wrote at 2013-07-09 13:05:38
Hi Greg, I went on a trip with my father for fourth of July recently. I left my tortoise in the care of my mother. When I got back, she tolde that he had died because he was stung by a wasp while soaking in water. There were many flying around and she said that she called a vet and they told her there was nothing she could do to save my little guy. I hope that helps you get some closure because reading the answers to your question sure did help. Thanks.  

Sam wrote at 2014-10-15 05:12:13

I lost my turtle today to a bee sting. devastated!

I had both turtles outside in the sun. When came time to bring them in, one was dead, in a similar position as you described. Head curled in, legs out straight, and rigid. I found a dead bee in the tub along with it. We have had our turtles for 10 years - cant believe we have lost one to a Bee.


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