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Reptiles/stomach blockage?


igor owner wrote at 2010-03-15 19:13:11
This is good advice, what I did with my guy who looked just like yours.  We hadn't had a UV light on him and he just stopped eating/moving one day.  Force feeding him through a syringe and getting him the UV light saved his life.  He still isn't 100% but he has made a recovery and is now eating crickets/greens on his own and moving around OK.

Linzy wrote at 2011-01-02 15:23:47
I also went through a similar situation with my beardie. I was misinformed about the UV light and was told only after i noticed he was sick that I'd needed one the entire time. I purchased a zoo med strip lamp for about 24, and the bulb was about 15 online. Not too expensive. I used tweezers to feed Sam, my beardie, chopped up crickets and small meal worms dusted with calcium, brought him outside for real sunlight several times a day, and gave him lots of love, of course. He's almost full grown now, and aside from a curled tail-end and a bit of stiffness in his hands, he's great.

Frankie wrote at 2013-03-06 13:44:17
Hi David

It might be worth getting some liquid calcium too which you can add 0.01ml to his baby food once a day to help. But you really should see a reptile vet ASAP. This MBD is not a condition to be messed with. It's very serious and can be fatal. Good luck. My little guy lost his battle after 4 weeks of intensive care and 2 vet trips. So I do know how hard it is and can be to face ..  


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