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Essie wrote at 2015-02-24 07:37:32
Hi there! I am sorry to add onto this, but to the guy who answers, come on man, you are being quite rude don't you think? I understand that you have a passion for reptiles and we all get a bit upset when we think someone is doing something wrong, but there is always a better way to approach the situation because you know, (this saying with a huge love for animals) I myself take on rescues way out of my league and I started out rehabilitating reptiles from information gathered from the internet as our spca does not accept reptiles, nor do we have a vet to see to them, and I also believe that I am giving them a second chance to fight for their life with atleast some kind of help in stead of nothing, so I was never able to turn any animals away. And yes I do have quite a bit of experience with over 200 odd reptiles going through my home, where most of them recovered. And today I am working in a wildlife sanctuary trying to save helpless lives. So just think about it next time you want to give someone an answer. To the girl wanting help, I have had such situation before and yes DO NOT try to amputate it yourself, it will infect and rot further. It was most likely bitten by another beardie or they often bite their own feet. If you can get to a vet, that will be best as he does need proper medical attention, if there is no such option keep giving ointment and daily warm baths, if the bacteria stops the rotten piece could fall off in time. Also remember to give it time to air. It's good that there are people that cares about animals. Keep it up.


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