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Reptiles/Chinese Water Dragon Questions


kat wrote at 2013-01-11 19:10:17
Your humidity shold be 80% not 40 n you can buy nutri grub to feed your bugs n worms its full of vitamins for the cwds


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I can answer most questions about husbandry concerning most lizards and snakes and turtles/tortoises. I can answer basic breeding questions about most snakes and some about geckos and lizards. I can identify many species of reptile by looking at them. I specialize in arboreal (tree dwelling) snakes. I can help with properly setting up terrariums for most reptiles. I can also help identify possible health problems or concerns. I have some experience with turtles tortoises and crocodilians. I will do my best to help you care for your pet and understand the natural wildlife we may run into in our daily lives.


I have kept and bred many different species of reptiles for the past 8 years. Including: SNAKES: GTP, ATB, ETB, Carpet Python, Scrub Python, Ball Python, BRB, Red Tail Boa, Argentine Boa, Blackhead Python, Olive Python, Burmese Python, Reticulated Python. LIZARDS: Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Chinese Crested Water Dragon, Frilled Dragon, uromastyx MONITORS: Green/Blue/Yellow/Black tree monitors, Nile, Asian Water, Timor, Black Throat, Savannah, Croc monitor. (also: Argentine B&W Tegu and Argentine red Tegu)

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