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My bearded dragon has been having bloody poops for the past 3 days, but has been eating regularly. He never pooped regularly for the past 3 years since he was a baby. I've always had to put him in a tub full of warm water to get him to poop, or take him outside during the hot days in summer. The temps in his tank is fine, 100 on hot side, around 75-80 on cold. He eats 5-7 crickets a day, and veggies every day too. The blood is in his urinary/white part.

I appreciate the answer

Hi Nathaniel,
There are a few things that can cause it... internal parasites, injuries,dehydration, and of course disease with the kidneys or other internal organs.
The best thing to do is to have a fecal check done which will tell if it is caused by parasites. When it is a parasite issue, it is usually pin worms..
Sometimes what happens is when they eat the insects, for some reason they don't digest properly and can scrape the intestinal tract.. again, it is very important to have a fecal check done to help with pin pointing the cause.
I do want to mention that at your beardies age, he doesn't need to have insects daily.  His main diet should be dark, leafy greens and veggies with insects only about 10% of his diet..basically, insects once or twice a week.
.. be sure to mist his "salad" very well, which will help with any dehydration issues.


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