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hi jeniffer, i am val and i am 10 i just want to know how do you take care of an anole egg if you dont have a male to fertelize it becase liz(my anole) had an egg but i am not allowed to get another lizard so HELP!!!!!!!!!!


Well I'm BPC, but I'll try and help.  FIrst off, if the egg is infertile it will go bad on it's own.  Anoles practice internal fertilization (they have sex) so having a male now would do the egg no good anyway.  But wait, there's more.  Some lizards have been known to undergo a process called parthenogensis in which the females can fetilize their own eggs (they use the polar bodies left over after meiosis).  Also, many reptiles can store sperm (would love to know how they do that...).  So, there's a chance your egg could be good.

I'll assume the egg is clinging to the side of a cage somewhere.  If so, take a souffle cup (small plastic thing-condiments are sometimes served in, jello shots too), and tape in over the egg.  This will keep your lizard from trampling it.  Just keep the cage the same as you have been-if it's good enough for mom to lay eggs it should be good enough for the egg to hatch in.  If it hatches care is the same as the adult except now you much smaller prey items.  Most cricket farm will sell you whatever size you want.


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