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QUESTION: Hey Tracie,how you doing?It's been a long time.I'm sorry but I've been pretty bussy and going through alot.I'm the person you helped cured Snoopy from respitorial infection when the vet couldn't.I'll have a picture sent to you with them together,but i did seperate them and have two 40 gallon breeder tanks.I will send you pictures of them  hopefully later on.I also did as you told and removed the sand.But both tanks looks beautifull,one looks tropical and the other desert-like,you'll see.Tracie, I have some questions to ask you about eggs because Lizzie had alot a couple of weeks ago.Several looks healthy but some yellow and one has a spot of green or black greenish.Are they healthy? What suppose to be their humidity level? And exactly what do 100 percent healthy eggs look like?I also heard about mold and flies.How do i prevent that?  I'm keeping them in a homemade incubator with temperature of 81-84 degrees and a high humidity i think over 80 percent.The incubator 15 gallon tank has water of about 3 and a half inches with a water heater inside while a cricket feeder container sits on top of the water with natural soil and the both hoods covered up leaving the side vent of the cricket feeder free.Please help I want Lizzie to see and be with her kids since she couldn't during her first clutch.

ANSWER: Hello Antone,

How is Snoopy doing now?
The eggs that are yellowish or have a spot of green or black are no good, that is most likely mold on them.  You can put them in the freezer first, then discard after a day.  
The temperatures need to be around 85-86 or so, with the humidity being around 80%.  Be sure that there is proper ventilation so mold is not an issue.  Just make sure that there is not condensation dripping on the eggs.
Your home made incubator sounds pretty good though, those temperatures are fine then.  

How is Lizzy doing now?
Definitely send pictures of them & the tanks, too!


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kind of old picture
kind of old picture  
QUESTION: Hey Tracie,how are you?

Well Snoopy is seems to be doing pretty good.He looks like we cured him from the respitorial infection 100 percent and Lizzie is beautifull still hyper, biting everything,eating alot and running around the tank and my room.
Tracie I read that foot fungus powder can cure the mold.Is that true?Also what if the egg has some yellow spots or stripes that are a little hard to notice or what if they have white dried up spots,are they no good? And why are the yellowish eggs no good?

Hello Antone,

That is so great Snoopy is completely over the respiratory issue, what good news!
It sounds like Lizzie is active also, running around after laying her eggs.

You can try gently washing the eggs off that appear to have mold & or fungus on them with a very very diluted water & vinegar solution, but mark them so you will know which ones they were.  That is so you will know if something is wrong with them, you will be able to relate it to the mold & or fungal issues.
If the eggs are just yellowish or off color, they just may not be fertile, that's all.  There's nothing wrong with keeping them in the incubator awhile just in case but they are probably not fertile.  



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