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I have a juvenile Leo kept in a 20 gallon tank on slate tile
With a 10-20 gallon size zoo med uth! When I first plugged it in I let it heat up it was reading 80 degrees!  But I only have a reg outdoor thermometer sitting directly on the bottom! So I put a light over the side where the uth is and now it's reading 90 degrees! Will this be ok for ambient heat and belly heat? When I put him in he was walking around quite a bit and went in the cool hide! He was walking kinda up high instead of on his belly like he normally does! Is this ok? Thank you!

Hi Anita,

That temperature range is fine. Using slate is a much safer option for the tank bottom. The UTH's were originally designed to penetrate glass and about a half inch of particle substrate rather then glass and tile so I'm not surprised that you have had to supplement with a lamp.

The most accurate way to measure the surface temperature would be with a temperature gun. They sell them in pet stores but they are likely cheaper in hardware stores. They are used to measure heat loss around windows etc.
With your outdoor themometer laying right on the surface (where your leo will actually be) then it is likely reading the temp. pretty accurately. You can always just test the tile with your hand in addition to make sure it is not overly warm. You should be able to feel a noticeable but gentle warmth when you press your hand over the hot spot. It should not be at all uncomfortable even after a couple minutes.  


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