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My female beardie is 17 yrs old. I have had for 11 yrs and the person before me had her for 6 (since she was born) I have noticed in the last few mths that she is defecating more and she is not eating and she would eat all her food, I tried giving her her favourite silkworms but she ate only one, normally she would eat 5 or 6, her head is turning yellow, and she is very listless, and i have tried putting her in warm water. Do you think this is some sort of disease or is she just old. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hello Joy,

WOW 17 years old, really?  Congratulations on having her so long, she must be precious.
Do you have pictures of her?
They rarely get over 8 it seems like in captivity.  
Are her gums yellowing also?  I am thinking liver issues when you mentioned the yellowing.
The silkworms are very good for liver function.  You could try some milk thistle also to help with liver function too.  
Is she eating any greens now or no?
Are you or have you been using a UVB light?  If so, what type & brand is it & how old is it?
How often does she get calcium?
You can try feeding her some baby food to help get some nutrition in her for now.



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