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Hi, we have a baby box turtle who we think is approx a mth old. He seems to be eating well now. He eats worms fruits veggies as well as the reptile sticks. He is kept in a 20 gallon aquarium under the uva/uva heat lamp. We soak him in tepid water once or twice a day which he seems to love. We keep the humidity in the tank at around 40-50% which is what the pet store advised. My concern however is that he hides most of the time and only comes out when we put him in to soak or feed him then he returns to his hiding spots. He's not always asleep as we can see his eyes open but is it normal for him to hide most of the time like this? Thx in advance for your time !

Hi Amanda,

He sounds fine and your care is excellent. He is doing exactly what his instincts tell him to do in order to survive and that is to stay out of sight!

Baby reptiles are common and easy prey for many other animals in the wild so they instinctively hide. They are often more nervous, skittish and even aggressive then their adult counterparts as well although that is far more notable in snakes and lizards then turtles.

He will calm down, stay in the open and become more social as he matures. Turtles are quite intelligent and quickly learn that humans are a food source. All of my turtles and tortoises, including a three toed box turtle, start moving toward me whenever they see me.  


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