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I have a male bearded dragon whose is approximately a year & a half old. My concern is ATTITUDE these past 2 days. When I put his food in his tank & walk out of the room when I return he has thrown his food all over his tank. Totally thrashing his tank. He jumps (just a figure of speech)from on end to the next. He bangs his food dish up against the glass. Standing up against the glass hitting it with his hands.Bobbing up & down & back & forth. I've even caught his hanging from the screen on the top of the tank. He's even dug holes in his sand like a cat digging a potty hole. It's like he's always got an attitude (believe it or not). Is all this disbehavior a result of him telling me it time to mate or what? Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you, Tina. Oh, did I happen to mention that HE IS SPOILED ROTTEN!!!!

Hi Tina,
My first thoughts is he is not happy with the size of his cage...Does he have a tank that is 40-60 gallons or larger?  If not, he may have decided it is time for a larger home.
It is time for brumation with the beardies.. some do brumate, others don't and he is at the age where he may brumate. (hibernation in a "milder" form)
He could have reached breeding season early in the season..
He may have just realized he can see his reflection in the glass and feels threatened or alpha, trying to chase away the "intruder" (if this is the case, covering the outside of the glass helps the reflection)
He may just want out of the tank..they glass dance to want out and get attention.
As you can see, there are several reasons he may be doing what he is doing...we need to try and figure out what they are trying to tell us.. basically a process of elimination and ya know, sometimes we may never figure it out..only the beardies know for sure!!!
Check all that I have mentioned... and go from there.
First off, I would try just giving him more out of the tank time and see if that works.. of course if the size of the tank is an issue, then that needs to be corrected asap.


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