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My bearded dragons right eye is swollen so bad its closed and now on the top of his head aswell what can I do to help him

Hi Amanda,

I really think your best option is a vet visit. From your description of the swelling, it sounds like me might have a blocked duct. Reptiles have a duct (the naso-lacrimal duct) that drains fluid from the eye to the roof of the mouth. This duct can become blocked by infection which then causes a fluid build-up behind and around the eye. It probably needs systemic antibiotics.

In the meanwhile, you can try flushing the eye with saline (the type sold for contact lens use) which might make him a bit more comfortable. The company Polysporin makes an antibiotic eye ointment that is available over-the-counter here in Canada. If something similar is available in the U.K, then it would not hurt to try that either.
Make sure his basking temperature is correct, about 37 - 40C. That will help ensure that his own immune system is functioning at full capacity to fight any infection.  


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