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QUESTION: I have 2 baby water dragons that I bought a month ago. One (Chaos) has what i am thinking is a fungal infection on his back right hip. It's blackish with 2 tiny brown pumps. I started putting neosporin on it yesterday and cleaning it with diluted betadine today. I am wondering what else i may use. Also, Loki, has what i believe is incomplete shedding on his head around his eye. Any help would be great, I am unable to afford a vet until hopefully right after thanksgiving.

ANSWER: Hello Elise,

Do you have any pictures of your baby water dragons?
Sorry for the delay, had some internet issues for a day or so!
Pictures would help determine a fungal problem.  For fungus, you can get some lamisil or monistat spray or cream.  
The betadine is helpful for cleaning the area but you will need to use an anti-fungal on that area to help clear it up.  
You can use aloe vera gel or shea butter on the retained shed areas to help moisturize those areas.

Let me know how they are both doing.  You can run through your tank setup also so I can make sure everything is set up properly.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I started them on reptaid and finally have the humidity at the correct level (between 70-80). They have a night and day basking light and spot and a 26w UVB light. I have also been putting aloe on both of them and giving them 10 min warm baths which seem to be helping with the shedding. Chaos's bad spot is still blackish and shiny, however since starting the reptaid the tiny brown bumps are gone. I am most worried about Loki though, he has been gaping  a lot but it seems to slowly getting better with the reptaid and there has never been any discharge or lack of eating...they are both pigs! However, with all there eating, they don't seem to be gaining weight. I am at a loss.

Hello Elise,

Great to hear from you.
It sounds like they probably have parasites which are decreasing their GI motility & absorption of vitamins/minerals.  That may be why they can't gain weight.
The reptaid should hopefully help with that, but, if you don't begin to see a marked increase in their weight gaining, I would get a fecal done to test for parasites or try to at least get them wormed to help.
You can go to the local feed supply store & pick up Panacur which is a basic deworming medication you can use.  If you decide to do that, I can help with dosing.  Let me know what you decide on.
The UVB, is it a compact/coil type of light also?  What brand is it?
Are you using the anti-fungal cream on the affected areas?  I am glad to hear the bumps have diminished though.  
What are you measuring the temperatures with, a digital probe or temp gun?  What are the basking temperatures for them & do you use a bright white basking light for them?

Let me know how they are doing.



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