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QUESTION: We've had a female green basilisk for about 6 months. She has a paralyzed left leg since birth, but she has been healthy up until the last few weeks.  Her eyes seem infected and she hasn't been eating--I'm guessing because she can't see.  So I started cleaning them out with saline solution, hand feeding her meal worms--no luck.  The last few days I've been continuing and using an eye dropper full of herp vitamins with beta carotene 3x daily to feed her.   I have also put some tea tree oil (for its moisturizing and anti fungal qualities) on a q-tip to her brow ridge. I've had a lot of success within the last few days with the shedding. I've been able to peel several large pieces as they have seemed to loosen.  Is there anything else I can do?

ANSWER: Hello JulieAnn,

Oh poor girl, has she coped well with her paralyzed leg?  What happened?
Do her eyes appear cloudy also?  What is the humidity in her tank?
The sterile saline solution is great & should help out.  You could also consider some antibiotic eye ointment also to help.
You can look at your local pet store, or feed & supply store.  Usually you can find it.  If you aren't able to find it, I have an online supply store that sells the eye ointment.
Is she losing any weight?  You can try feeding her baby food right now, such as chicken or turkey to get nourishment into her.  What else is in the vitamins you give her?
Just continue with the regular baths & the diluted tea tree oil, being cautious with that as it can be strong.  Aloe vera gel or shea butter can also be helpful with shedding, too.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I really don't know what happened with the leg. It was like that when we got her.  She functions fine.  Swims, scampers, jumps.  I've even leashed her and taken her away or on walks and to play in our front landscaping--its all organic, no chemicals.  Her humidity is about 70%.  The vitamins are I'm guessing like a one a day.  Its a powder to shake insects in a bag, but I've been mixing it with water.  Her eyes are cloudy, but they've improved greatly.  I will look for the antibiotic ointment today.  

This is more of a random question than the plea for help from the aforementioned, but she started making a yelping sound yesterday. Is that normal? She doesn't appear to be in discomfort.  Just making noise

Hello JulieAnn,

Do you have any pictures, they are so beautiful!
That is great the eyes are improving, that is a very good sign then!
Wow, she started making a yelping noise?  Is it when her leg is touched or when she is trying to move around?  Or just a random noise?
Actually, some can make a barking type of noise, not all of them do though.  Is she trying to get your attention?
I had a bearded dragon who could bark & he did when he wanted my attention!



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