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Hi, I normally use a regular 50 watt All Living things Basking bulb with my leopard gecko, but today my mom accidentally purchased a infrared bulb. Will my gecko sill get all he need from this infrared bulb?

I leave the heat lamp on all day, and just have a heat pad at night, that has worked for temperatures.

Thanks Nate

Hi Nate,
It should be fine if it is maintaining the needed temperatures.  I'm assuming it doesn't produce any light so you should include some light source, be it natural (daylight)or artificial(fluorescent or low wattage incandescent). Just be sure that what you choose doesn't add more heat.
Actually, if you don't want to use the inferred light, you can use a normal household light bulb until you are able to get the bulb you normally use..either way, all is fine.


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