my iguana is missing some scales on the bottom of his tail can you tell me how that could of happened and if it is fixable

Hi Chris,
Not knowing how your igs cage is set up, I can only offer ideas as to how the scales became "missing".  It actually could have happened when he was a hatchling..A clutch mate may have given him a bite on the tail and when it healed, there are no scales. he may have scraped it on something then..he may have scraped it on something in his cage now. Depending on how the scales were removed, if it was a severe injury, chances are they won't grow back at all.  Even the smallest of an injury may not regrow scales, but only time will tell.
If there is an fresh injury, you need to treat the injury.  If the missing scales isn't recent, then you can only wait to see if the scales grow back.  As long as there is no open sore, there is no problems if scales are missing.
I would check out his cage to make sure he didn't squeeze between something that may have "pinched" his tail, removing scales.


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