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I had bought a juvenile WD he wasn't doing so well when I first bought him. But now that I have him in a 55 gal tank with proper heat lighting and humidity. But he has not shed since I've had him. And its going on 8 weeks. He eats wax worms crickets and meal worms along with vitamins and calcium. He looks like he wants to shed but he hasn't yet. He is starting to wrinkle a lil bit and looks a lil dole dark olive brown color. So I bought a shedding aid to see if it will help. And the other dragon I have in with it was perchased a week later. He is a bit bigger then the first. They seem to be doing fine together not fighting nor aggressivness at all. And he has shed twice. Eating along with vitamins/calcium. Very plump guy. So I have no idea what is going on with the lil guy. ;/

Lizards shed in pieces not in one big lump (as you might already know) so it's possible little bits have come off that you missed.  Also, if he's not really growing he doesn't really need to shed yet.  Once he starts eating well and growing he'll need new skin more often.  Also, shedding is under hormonal control so if he has some lingering internal problems he might not be able to as yet.  


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