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Hi my vet diagnosed my Leo with mouth rot after saying he had gas now I am having to force feed him food and antibiotic at the same time. After the second feeding he has developed a lump on the right side of his body and his mouth bleed pretty bad and after feeding today he still bleed but now he is breathing funny and some of the food came out of his left nostril. Is this ok and usual? I cried so hard the first night when feeding him but their has to be an easier way right? Please help I just want to make sure I'm not hurting him?

Hello Rachil,

I am sorry about the mouth rot.  Which antibiotic is Leo on & the amount?
Can you post a picture of him & the lump so I can see it?   
Did you hurt him when using the syringe to feed him?  
Could he have aspirated some of that food possibly if it came out of his nose?
You can use a swab to try & open his mouth & slowly squirt the food into his mouth to the side to avoid aspirating the liquids.  
How is he doing tonight?



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