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A few weeks ago my leopard gecko had a flake of skin stuck to his one eye. I read about the possible solutions and got it to detach by holding a warm damp cloth to his eye multiple times a day. It eventually just rubbed off. He opened his eye immediately, but it was very cloudy. Within two days, neither of his eyes would open. They are still both closed. He seems very stress-free, is eating and drinking, does not to seem to have lost any weight and his tail is the same thickness it was. I can hold him without startling him, and am confident I could apply any treatment to his eyes. I feel terrible for him but the only vet willing to see him would require me doing an emergency visit (regardless of day or time) and them calling in the ophthalmologist, which scares the crap out of my wallet!! Any suggestions?


Hello Kasey,

I am sorry about his eyes.  When that happens, normally it traps bacteria underneath & causes an eye infection.
Have you tried a sterile saline solution in his eyes yet?  That can help clean his eyes out.  
You could try using some antibiotic eye ointment in his eyes also.  You may be able to find some at your local pet store, or feed supply store.
I sell some also, online, if you are not able to find any.  
Do you have a moist humid hide/cave for him in his tank on the warm side of his tank?

Is he still eating righit now?



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