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I purchased a water dragon today and he was a bit thin but active and green. I brought him home and since he has turned brown and I noticed a shinny spot on his head and eye not wet since I can not wipe it off. Which I gently tried once. I know the thin state of him needs attention and other than all the other care he needs should the brown skin and shiny or waxy spot concern me,

Hi I will do my best to help u, but I am more familiar with the uromastyx type of lizard.  first u must make sure that ur enclosure is warm enough.  90 degrees during the day with  a daylight UVB bulb and gradient of maybe 75-80 on the other side of the tank.  At night the temp should be between 70-75 degrees.  Let ur little guy get acclimated.  It is not uncommon for them to change colors especially when they are stressed.  Not sure what the spot is?  perhaps he was injured during transit?  IDK?  Let him get used to the tank.  feed him crickets and worms.  Make sure he is drinking.  Offer childrens pedialyte, as this will replenish his electrolytes.  get onto google and start researching, it's the best u can do without taking him to the vet and spending hundreds of dollars.  Im sorry I could't help u more.  Good luck and keep me posted.
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