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My 13 yr old son has a five month old bearded dragon.  He went to feed him tonight and he was lethargic, wouldn't lift his head to eat and has some blood on his leg.   He did eventually lift his head to drink a little.  He has been eating approx five large crickets each day......

Hello, Deb,

I am sorry to hear your son's dragon is not doing well.
Please review your tank set up with me such as the UVB lighting & the heating.  
Which UVB are you using, is it a fluorescent tube bulb or a compact/coil light?
What are the temperatures in the tank & do you use a digital probe or a temp gun to measure the temperatures?
Did he hurt himself on something sharp in the tank, or do you leave crickets in the tank with him?

What type of substrate is he on, sand, tiles, paper towels?
How long is he?  The crickets shouldn't be any larger than the space between his eyes to avoid impaction.  Has he been going to the bathroom regularly?
Do you have any pictures of him for me?

Has his beard been black also?
Let me know how he is doing.



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