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Ive always wanted some species of lizard and was thinking about building a cage to replace my old fish tank (I want something a little bit bigger). However, the one thing I'm having trouble with is cage placement. I'm assuming any heat lamps need to stay on, and where the tank is right now would shine in my face at night. Are there any ways to keep any light at a minimum if I were to keep it in my bedroom? (Without creating a fire hazard of course) And if I do move it to another room (least desirable option), should it be kept away from windows, colder walls, etc?

Hi Chris,
Before you decide on what species of lizard you are interested in, please shoot me a post so that I can help you out with cage size, care, etc.
With night heat, there should be no white light..and if using even the "moonlight" bulbs would bother you at night, you can use heat emitters which produce heat and no light.  Also, depending on the species of lizard, you may be able to just use a heating pad.
Again, depending on the species, during the day, varied amounts of light are needed... with most geckos, only a low wattage of lighting is needed as they are nocturnal..other species require bright lights during the day.
With windows, it depends on the amount of sun it would get.  In the summer(or even winter) direct sun on a cage can overheat very quickly. Since you are in MN, I do suggest keeping your cage away from exterior walls and windows due to the coldness.   One option you might want to consider, again, depending on the species, is a cage on wheels or a cart on wheels to hold the cage. This way you would be able to move the cage to a different area as needed.


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