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Reptiles/my bearded dragon is not eating


i have 2 bearded dragon both born on the same day in the same clutch, the smaller one is eating fine but the newest one to the tank is a little bigger in size he hasn't ate since we have put him in his new tank and its starting to worry me, please help

1)  Reptiles should be quarantined for a minimum of 3 months before introducing them to the same room (much less the same cage) as existing reptile pets.  This period will allow you to observe whether the new animal is healthy.  Some viruses have substantial incubation periods.

2)  Reptiles hate change, and may take a week or more to adjust when moved to a new enclosure.  Stressed reptiles may refuse food.  Handling should be avoided during the adjustment period, as handling also creates stress.

3)  If you believe your reptile is ill, take it to an experienced reptile veterinarian immediately.  Many reptile illnesses are simple and relatively inexpensive to treat if caught early.  The most common include internal parasite infestation, and respiratory or mouth infections.  These are generally contagious (see 1).  Signs of illness include refusal of food, lethargy, and rapid weight loss.  Bearded dragons that are refusing food may become dehydrated, as they rarelly drink water and get much of their water from the food they eat.  


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